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Chinese Immersion Preschool Programme

Primus Chinese Immersion Programme: A Journey into Language and Culture

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Welcome to the Primus Chinese Immersion Programme (CIP), where we unlock the wonders of Mandarin through a dynamic early education programme. By blending traditional Chinese heritage with modern learning strategies, we equip children to thrive in a culturally diverse environment. Join us in nurturing a love for the Chinese language and culture.
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We provide comprehensive Full-day and Half-day care for children from 18 months to 4 years of age. Our classes are categorised into three distinct levels – Pre-Nursery, Nursery 1, and Nursery 2, each tailored to meet the dynamic learning needs of our children at each stage.

The Power of Early Language Learning

"Immersive experiences are powerfully influential in early brain development, shaping lifelong skills and cognition."

The Primus Chinese Immersion Programme (CIP) plays a pivotal role in early education. Emphasising the critical period for language learning during a child's formative years, CIP leverages this key developmental phase by immersing children in Mandarin. Esteemed child development experts, Dr. Patricia Kuhl and Dr. Andrew Meltzoff, renowned for their research in early language, brain development, and social cognition, have highlighted that such immersive experiences can lead to cognitive and social advancements.

By embracing CIP, you are not only nurturing linguistic proficiency but also fostering global awareness and cultural appreciation from a young age. Children begin to develop a sense of self and others at this stage, learning to value differences and embrace their role as responsible global citizens. This foundation of empathy, adaptability, and respect for diversity can significantly contribute to their holistic development, empowering them to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world.

Transdisciplinary, and Engaging Approach

Children will fully immerse themselves in our expertly crafted Chinese immersion programme, thoughtfully designed considering their individual age and development levels. Our curriculum is customised to ignite children's interest, inspire curiosity, and encourage their active participation in a wide array of transdisciplinary learning experiences. For example, children might combine storytelling and the arts with Mandarin, as they engage in and interpret a classic Chinese tale using visual artwork. Such activities interweave context and vocabulary, fostering memorable learning experiences. Catering to each child's unique learning pace and cognitive abilities, we aim to stimulate natural inquisitiveness, boost their skills, and inspire exploration.

With our dynamic and interactive teaching methodology, we offer a delightful learning journey that nurtures a deep appreciation for the Chinese culture among our young learners.

Embracing Cultures in our Reggio-inspired Chinese Immersive Environment

Our Chinese-immersive classroom offers a Reggio-inspired learning environment, enriched by unique Chinese artifacts and educational materials. Children are given the freedom to explore, touch, sense, and get familiar with these cultural treasures at their own pace under the guidance of skilled educators.

This immersive environment is conscientiously designed with various elements that promote the assimilation of Chinese culture. Each corner is a seamless blend of learning and playing, reinforcing language skills while promoting cultural understanding. The inclusion of numerous provocations aids in boosting curiosity, encouraging thoughtful questioning, and fostering a deeper understanding of the content at hand.

In this fertile learning environment, children not only acquire knowledge, but also develop a genuine affection and appreciation for Chinese culture and language. The atmosphere is ripe for exploration, learning, and growing, providing an unforgettable journey into the world of China's rich heritage.

Our Programme

Nanyang Scholar Academy: Nurturing Your Child's Mandarin Proficiency

Immerse your child in the captivating world of Mandarin with our "Nanyang Scholar Academy" Programme. This distinctive curriculum is brought to life by the respected Confucius Institute at Nanyang Technological University, specially designed for early learners aged 18 months to 4 years. Our comprehensive program revolves around:

1. Listening: Our curriculum offers 68 colourful picture books presenting familiar contexts and localised pronunciation, enabling children to naturally embrace Mandarin.

2. Speaking: We use interactive teaching methods and compelling games to prompt children to communicate more fluidly in Mandarin.

3. Reading: We provide a diverse array of 2,799 teaching aids, including vivid images, picture cards, word cards, and puppets, to aid in rapid word recognition and memorisation.

4. Writing: The programme encompasses 16 activity books filled with intriguing tasks such as writing, drawing, pasting, and colouring, fostering a joyful context for contextual language learning.

Our elaborate programme harmonises Mandarin education with Singapore's multicultural environment, helping to shape confident and proficient young language enthusiasts.

Character Development through Inspiring Chinese Lessons and Classical Poetry

We carefully incorporate relevant teachings from two of China's revered thinkers, Confucius and Meng-tse, in a way that's engaging and impactful for young minds. On top of these life-enriching lessons, we explore the linguistic beauty and cultural depth of classical Chinese poetry from the renowned Tang and Sung Dynasties. With a balance of language learning and character development, our goal is to foster in these young minds both Mandarin proficiency and the cultivation of personal values—laying a solid foundation for their integral growth during these crucial early years.

Spark Imagination through Speech and Drama

Children will embark on an engaging journey, delving into the enchanting realm of speech and drama by exploring the teachings of the 'Three Character Classic' and 'Disciple Rules'. By using these timeless texts as a creative foundation, young learners develop their communication skills and self-confidence within a lively theatrical environment. Through captivating performances and storytelling, children will be guided to reflect on ethical lessons while honing their language abilities.

Artistic World of Chinese Calligraphy, Culture and More

Children will embark on an enriching journey of discovery, unravelling the magic of Chinese culture through vibrant local traditions and festivals such as the Dragon Boat and Mid-Autumn. By embracing the fun and festive spirit, young learners gain a vivid understanding and appreciation of the rich Chinese heritage right within Singapore.

We extend our programme beyond cultural experiences to introduce the beautiful refined arts of music, chess, calligraphy, and painting. Every session is designed to be engaging and a fun-filled adventure, fostering a love for cultural learning that reaches beyond textbooks. Our aim is to cultivate not just knowledge but also a deep respect and passion for Chinese culture amongst our young learners.

Igniting a Love for Reading in Mandarin

Commencing as early as Pre-Nursery, children will develop a strong love for reading. This foundation is built through a specially designed reading approach, tailored for our youngest learners, aged 18 months to 4 years. Each term, four thoughtfully selected books that align with the children's developmental stages and interests are introduced. Every book, rich in Chinese linguistic elements, transitions from picture storytelling to labels and characters, ensuring a seamless progression of reading skills. This immersive reading experience goes beyond mere literacy development; it also fosters a genuine appreciation for the Mandarin language, ultimately guiding the children towards becoming proficient Mandarin readers and speakers.

Our approach significantly values understanding the language over rote learning of words. This immersive reading experience not only develops literacy skills; it indeed cultivates a deep comprehension and genuine love for Mandarin. This solid foundation goes beyond developing competent Mandarin readers and speakers, aiming to evolve children into individuals who acknowledge and appreciate the nuances of the language.

Melodies of Mandarin: The ORFF Music Experience

Children will embark on an enchanting language journey through the integration of the ORFF Music Programme in our Chinese Immersion curriculum. In this vibrant learning environment, children explore Mandarin concepts through rhythm, melody, and harmony—elements that beautifully mirror the language's cadence, tone, and intonation.

This captivating approach intertwines language learning with music, sparking interest, and fostering a love for Mandarin. With engaging hands-on experiences involving musical instruments, children will not only become proficient in reading and speaking Mandarin but will also develop a deep appreciation for the language's intrinsic musicality and rhythm.