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River Valley

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My daughter had a lot of fun when she was there. She enjoys the art and sensory. She was very shy initially and the teachers have boosted her confidence tremendously. We saw improvements on her and strongly recommend this school to others.
Mohammad Dzahir
Primus Schoolhouse, River Valley

As the aunt of both kids, Noah and Joel, I can say that they enjoy going Primus Schoolhouse everyday as they learn through many activities with good value.

Rosaline Aquiman
Primus Schoolhouse, River Valley

Great school to take your kids to! Staff are extremely friendly and accommodating.

Gerardo Pittaro
Primus Schoolhouse, River Valley

Bukit Timah

Highly recommended for your little ones! Our 2.5 year old attended a week-long holiday programme during her vacation from her regular preschool, just before Circuit Breaker.

Siva Gopal Thaiyalan
Primus Schoolhouse, Bukit Timah

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