Nurturing Character,
Inspiring Minds

Our Vision, Mission & Values

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Vision: To redefine early childhood education

Our vision is to redefine early childhood education in ways that we believe will make a difference to our children. This entails embracing values and developing the passion for lifelong learning. We strive for a nurturing community of ardent educators who push boundaries and embody good characters.

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Mission: Developing grit, creativity and an inquiring mind for lifelong learning

Our mission is to provide each child with the building blocks for success. We want to ignite their interest in the world around them, nurture resolve in the quest for answers, encourage creative expression and innovative problem-solving.

Values: Our five “C”s to develop
young men and women of good character



Courage icon.pngWe encourage and reward confidence, in speaking one’s mind, in accepting responsibility and in having no fear pushing boundaries.


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We encourage children to view the world with unlimited possibilities, to be willing to experiment and express themselves without fear of judgement.



Curiosity icon.pngWe believe in developing a keen eye for everything around us, and to be inquisitive in how the world works, how every person is different from the other.


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We believe in instilling compassion in young children so that they can learn to treat themselves and others with kindness and have an instinctive desire to help those in need.



Courtesy icon.pngWe want our children to treat others with warmth and respect. Courtesy is more than a set of polite behaviours. It teaches our children that their words and actions have a direct impact on the world around them.